Request to put Print icon back in Aprimo New Nav

Quinton Wilson 1 year ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Sharon K 8 months ago 17

We used to have a Print icon in Aprimo Legacy Navigation, now that we have moved to Aprimo New Navigation the Print icon is no longer there.  Our PM's used this Print option to print out the Team roster list in their Campaign. 

Is there any update on the status of bringing back this ability to print the Activity Details page?

Hi Eric 
From Citi end, we want to confirm below

As per our business requirement we have Activity details page Tab "Project Schedule"
In this page, we have section for each workflow template
we have 19 sections and 10 EAs (approx) in each section.
So this page is a long one, we need to scroll multiple times to goto the bottom of this page.

If I print this page, it will very ugly formatting. 
I discussed with Trista on this. But she doesn't know about this request going to address our issue.

My question is, "Will this request going to address this issue - ugly pdf Format of EAs?"


Aprimo is looking to add the Print functionality back to all the common Object View pages.  So this would include Programs, Activity, Project, Invoice, Commitments, etc.  However, there is one key exception here and that is the Task Inbox.  The Task Inbox never had a Print button since it was released over 3 years ago so there is not an option to just add it back so that would not be included in the scope of work planned here.

We hope to assign adding the print function back to a team in September to get it worked back into the application sometime in early Q4 to mid Q4.

Eric, at PL we use the Committments like a Purchase Order for our vendors.  We use the print to PDF feature so we can email to our vendors.  We also save the pdf for record keeping.    We'd like to get this feature back in new navigation.  Our work around now is using a snipping tool to place the committment image in a word document and then print to PDF.  It doesn't look as nice.  Export list pages is not an option on the Committments.  

Hi Paul,

Want to make sure we are talking about the same feature and not mixing terminology.  Are you talking about the Aprimo Commitments object in our Plan and Spend Management area of the product?  If so there is an option to export the Commitments list page.  You cannot export a Commitments detail page though so if that is what you are doing then yes that is missing right now.


Yes, I'm referring to the Commitments in Plan & Spend Management.  The Commitment detail page is what we provide to our vendors as a PO.  You're comment above about adding the print function back in early to mid Q4 is good.  That will be very helpful. 

Our users are actually printing off the pages - they are not using the "Print to PDF" option.  We have users that print the activity pages, task worksheet, segmentation designer and criteria pages.

We are exploring options around this internally.  I have a few questions to help me gather some data around this.

  • I am surprised to hear that users are printing list pages.  I would have expected users to export list pages to excel as that is a usable, sort-able format as opposed to a static print out.
  • When your users are printing the pages are they truly sending it to a printer to be physically printed to a paper or are they usually using a "Print to PDF" option to make it digital so they can email it to someone?

Maureen with CVS - I already know and understand your use case since we have already talked but curious to get feedback from the others on this thread.  

Thank you.

Our users are typically printing the Activity/Project Details screens rather than list pages. The Print to PDF is more widely used but there are times when these pages are physically printed.

Our users are also physically printing the Activity Details screen.

Hi Eric,

We use the print function to print from a physical printer. 

-Quinton Wilson

Agreed.  This will be a big complaint by our users.

We would like to have the print functionality back in the New Navigation as well.  We have times where we need to print off the task worksheets and also the activities.  This is important for our day to day business.

My team uses the print icon to print out the entire criteria page wherever criteria is added. Whether it is the query, split or value split tools. We have some fairly complicated criteria statements and sometimes paper copies are easier to trouble shoot.

We would like the print functionality in the new UI as well. CVS In House Print Team uses this functionality to print and track project "tickets". In 2018 the team completed more than 3800 projects using this functionality. This is an important feature for their day-to-day business process.

We are hoping to have the print functionality available in the new UI as well. Our teams frequently consult colleagues who are not Aprimo users and need the ability to print the Activity screen (or save as a PDF) to send the details of requests in a readable format.