Ability to surface Teams view in Task Inbox

Lindsey Cooper 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 1 year ago 1

We would like the ability for users to view a team assigned to a project within the portal. Full users can access teams in the full application, but portal users have no way to view this information. Business case: if a designer needs to connect with the copywriter but does not know who that individual is, then the designer has to first connect with the PM to get that info. The request is to be able to surface who is on the team, in the portal, so every team member involved can easy find out who they are working with.


In the Task Inbox, the Activity and Project titles are fields displayed in the Information Panel on the right hand side.  If the Contributor user is on the view access list for the Activity then the title fields are hyperlinks.  If they click on the hyperlink it opens the View Details page for the Activity or Project and shows all the tabs including the "Roles" tab.  So the contributor user can open this page and then click to the Roles tab and see all the users/groups that are assigned to the different roles on the project.  This provides them the option to look up who the copywriter is on the project in your example above.

The key is the user has to be on the access list of the Activity or Project.  But typically when applying a team to a project you can chose to have all users added to the access list so they should be on it but if you are not seeing the titles as hyperlinks then you should confirm they are on the access list.  This is by design so that you can remove access to the Activity View or Project View pages for specific users if needed by removing them from the access list.