Resource Capacity: Date Filter option - Past Due Tasks

Shelly 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 1 year ago 2

The Date Filter option is only working on the Resource Utilization Global screen.  When I select the resource to review past due Projects and Tasks, the date on the profile page reverts back to current week.   Need the ability to see past due projects and tasks at the resource/user level.  

Is it possible to highlight or change the font color to advise there are past due Projects for a User?   This would alert a user that a date filter, prior to current week, is required to check for additional work on complete.

Ideally, as far back as there is still an open task.  


How far back do you need to be able to look?  1 month in the past, 3 months?  We are trying to manage the amount of data we display and maintain for this feature.