Add close endpoint for autoclose task

Jake Vandevyvere 1 year ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by Tarun Chawla 1 year ago 1

Would it be possible to add a close endpoint for an autoclose task? This would be very useful in the following situation:

In many cases, a task in a workflow may depend upon input from a user in the preceding task. For example, a user has a dropdown list on a task, and depending on the value he chooses for the extended attribute, another output port is chosen, and the following user receives a different task. In some cases however, we need to do an integration callout to make a few changes in the system before the next user receives his task. For example, we may need to change the system type of an attachment, or make classifications in the DAM. Since it is absolutely necessary that these changes have happened before the next user receives his task, we cannot do the callout "on close" of the preceding task or on an autoclose task with task duration 0, because then the next task will already be assigned to the following user before the callout has finished.

Our current solution is to do the callout on an autoclose task with a duration of one day, and add the very end of the callout, we change the end time of the task to "now". The advantage of doing this on an autoclose task is that these autoclose tasks can easily be filtered out of the agile board or task list overview for end users, who do not need to be bothered with the details of our technical implementation. However, when we update the end date to "now", it still takes up to a minute before the autoclose task is actually closed.

This process could be facilitated a lot if we would have a "close" endpoint on autoclose tasks, similar to the "close" endpoint on ordinary tasks. Calling this endpoint would cause the autoclose task to immediately change its state to "closed". Note that this is already possible if one goes manually into the system and changes the state.