Dynamic Attachment Type Display

Joe Cerep 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 1 year ago 2

Often, we’re able to optimize and simplify workflow processes by using 1 workflow to accommodate many different channels. This is great because we can reduce the amount of configuration in the system and mitigate the amount of maintenance. However, Attachment Types to be displayed in a Task frequently differ between roles/request types. It would be great if there were a way to set criteria such as a Type or an EA to determine which Attachment Types are displayed rather than having to display all Attachment Types needed for a specific Task to all roles for all request types.


So the ask here is to configure the documents to display from previous steps in Document Layout to add the option to when picking types to display to have an additional option to pick a role?  

Rather than displaying the Document Type based on a Role, we would like to be able to display the Document Type based on Activity Type (or EA values if possible).

Our main use case for this need is our creative production process. The steps in the workflow remain static across multiple groups. Upload Draft Creative, Review Draft Creative, Assign Additional Reviewers, Upload Revised Creative etc.

Residential Email - requires a Creative Brief Attachment Type and a Technical Document Attachment Type

Business Email - only requires a Creative Brief

Residential DM - requires a Creative Brief, a Copy document and a Specs document

In order for these groups to share a WF Template, all of the necessary attachment types have to be displayed in the appropriate task, even if they are not needed for that specific process.