System Parameter - Exclude EAs for Activity Copy to include Activity Requests

Maureen Monaghan 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 1 year ago 3

The objective of this request is to update the System Parameter Exclude EAs for Activity Copy to include Activity Requests.

Currently the System Parameter is for Activities but we recommend this functionality to be added to Activity Request Forms as well.
Ex: When a user copies an Activity Request Form, certain EAs are copied over from the original Activity that were valid for the original but may or may be valid for the new Activity. Some may even drive the workflow. We are trying to eliminate errors in submissions as a result of these fields being pre-populated.


So to make sure I am clear, the ask here is that as a user submitting a Work Request, I have the option today to copy an old request I have done in the past.  Right now that copies all information.  Your ask is to have certain fields from the old request not copied over so the user is forced to enter a new value again.

Is it safe to assume we could use the same list that is defined for the regular activity copy?  What ever fields are excluded there should be excluded from the Work Request copies as well?

I have a customer that would like this feature on the Project as well, as most of their information sits on this level.

Hi Katie, so I believe you are asking for a similar feature to exclude fields from Project copy similar to Activity Copy.  If so that should really be a separate idea because it would be a completely different set fields and right now you cannot submit projects through work requests so it would not apply to this feature.  Can you have the interested customer post that idea separately?