Automate Activity Role Assignments Based Upon Workload

Maureen Monaghan 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Alyssa T. 7 months ago 4

The objective of this enhancement request is for the tool to automate Activity Role assignments at project start based upon workload.
For instance, if 2 team members are eligible to work as a Project Manager and person A has 25 projects and person B has 5 projects, the system would assign person B to be the Project Manager.
We currently are using a daily report to understand the volume of tasks an individual has in their queue and assigning individuals to an Activity Role based upon that information.
By automating this we will increase productivity by removing the need to manually assign Activity Roles and eliminate the need to reassign.

I think this is a great idea. We also rely on a variety of reports as well as inserting a PM to make the decision manually on who receives the production work (downstream tasks). If the system could level load - we could expedite our process significantly.

Thanks Eric. Please reach out when you are ready for discovery sessions. We look forward to speaking with you and the team.


This is an area we plan to explore later this year or early 2020 as we look to expand on Resource Planning and Capacity Management.  This is a more complex enhancement and will require deeper discovery and discussion.  I would be interested to talk with you further about this to better understand how you are doing the assignments today with the report and manual process.

This enhancement request was identified as "Qualified" on 10/26/18 in Service Now. Notes suggested setting up a meeting with Product Team to clarify the decision tree that would drive such assignments.