Enable search endpoint on user groups

Jake Vandevyvere 1 year ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by Tarun Chawla 2 months ago 6

For a lot of our customers, we update the domain rights of the user groups through the REST API. Since we want to use the same configuration for multiple environments (DEV, QA and PROD) we have to use the names of the groups and not the IDs. This means that we have to use a GET call to retrieve all user groups, and then pick out the ID of the user group that we want to update. This is a very time consuming process, since the number of user groups can become quite large.

Therefore, we would like to ask if it would be possible to add a search endpoint on user groups. We could then just search on the name of the group, instead of having to import all of them. This endpoint could work in a similar way as the search endpoint for users.


This was completed some time ago - just marking as done.

This is in process, and is expected to be in the early December release.

This is currently planned in our backlog.  

Hello Daniel

I understand that the number of fields will be limited. Being able to search on name would already be a big help. Thank you very much for your consideration!


Hello Jake

I do not see any major problems with the request. There will of course be a limited subset of fields upon which to search given the nature of the route, and the search would of course have to work in the same manner as other routes like users in terms of how you provide the search variables.