Classifications without children should not have the + symbol when browsing

Zack Davis 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Greg 8 months ago 6

When browsing classifications or classification list fields, if a classification does not have a child, there should not be a plus symbol next to the classification name.The plus symbol i

ndicates that a classification has a child, and when browsing larger, more complex classification structures, end users do not always know which classifications have children, causing a more difficult browsing experience. Also, after clicking on the + symbol next to a childless classification, the symbol disappears. 

UX Content Types / Metadata Classifications

This is one of those seemingly small issues that is just a huge quality of life improvement.  Especially when bringing in new users, things like this can be a huge deterrent.  They expect the little things to work flawlessly so they are confident the focus is on more functional expansion.  It can make all the difference things like this are solved.

I understand the technical reasoning behind this however, this has been aired to me at SBD by all users to be a real bug bare - usually solved by educating the users but would be nice (Have a "up" vote)

SC Johson thinks that i will improve usability. It will save 1 more click to eliminate. 

Cigna has also identified this as an issue.