Classifications without children should not have the + symbol when browsing

Zack Davis 10 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Peter Scoins (SBD) 4 months ago 5

When browsing classifications or classification list fields, if a classification does not have a child, there should not be a plus symbol next to the classification name.The plus symbol i

ndicates that a classification has a child, and when browsing larger, more complex classification structures, end users do not always know which classifications have children, causing a more difficult browsing experience. Also, after clicking on the + symbol next to a childless classification, the symbol disappears. 

UX Content Types / Metadata Classifications

I understand the technical reasoning behind this however, this has been aired to me at SBD by all users to be a real bug bare - usually solved by educating the users but would be nice (Have a "up" vote)

SC Johson thinks that i will improve usability. It will save 1 more click to eliminate. 

Cigna has also identified this as an issue.