Users need the ability to search from an "All Chat boards" list vs. "Activities" and "Projects"

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Daniel Clarke 7 months ago 5

Description: Users need the ability to search from one list when they don't know if it is in an Activity or Project or if it is In Progress or not.

Already existing:
All Activities
Current Activities
All Projects
In Process Projects

Add: All Chat Boards - That is a combination of the 4 existing lists.

Business Use Case: Users need the ability to search from one list. Currently, there are 4 separate lists that Users need to check if they don't know exactly where it is.

Hi Christine, there are a number of different chat board enhancements coming in the near term, of which this constitutes one of the work streams.  I will be updating all the various voice posts around this topic as we progress through them.  Rest assured however that things are in motion, and I appreciate your patience in this regard.

Is there any updates to this?


Should we just modify the "All Activities" category to simply include all project chats as well?  Since project have to live inside an activity it could just be a natural extension of that hierarchy to have project chats included in it.  Rather than creating another group.  Also, if we do create an All Chats then I think that would have to also include proposals as well or the name would be misleading.

Is there a use case to keep All Activities just activities or could it include projects?

That would be fine.  However, if we have one group called "All Chats", then we would need a new field to label the chat level, so it would show if it was an Activity Chat or a Project Chat or Proposal Chat, etc.

Our end users desperately need this feature. They are currently struggling with switching back and forth from All Activities to All Projects, ect. It is time consuming and confusing for them, as typically they just don't know in which category to searach. Adding All Chat Boards  category will simplify their life and impvove user experience a lot. Thanks!