Extended Attributes: Description and Last Modified information

Karthik Balakrishnan 2 years ago in System Administration updated by Trista Oliva yesterday at 3:35 p.m. 11

In order to aid in identifying which extended attribute is used for what purpose, it would be helpful to have a Description field on the extended attribute page.

Additionally, to aid in the auditing of Extended Attributes, it would be helpful to include the Last Modified information on the EA details page.

Use Case for Description: Sometimes we have extended attributes with similar or same names but with minor changes for entirely different processes or process steps. In such cases, a description would be helpful to identify purpose of that attribute.

Use Case for Last Modified: At times we need to audit our extended attributes to ensure they are being utilized. When an EA is obsolete, it can be re-used or maybe removed. When looking at EA Usage, it would be helpful to be able to compare Create Date to the EA usage to know of an “old” EA is not being used. If an EA does not have much usage, but is newly-created, it should not be archived. Another use case is if we have an issue with a workflow due to an EA change. With Last Modified info, we can find out when the EA was modified and by which user.

These would be low-impact, high value enhancements. It would be a positive impact on most SaaS users, or a neutral impact to those who would not need the fields. Additionally, having these fields on the EA details page is consistent with other objects in the application.

Here is a mockup of an Extended Attribute Details Page with these fields:

Hi Eric, I wanted to see if there was any possibility of movement on this one? I also noticed that there is another request related to this and maybe these could be consolidated:


All three suggestions would be super helpful.

This is not currently planned right now based on its overall votes when compared to other Ideas and feature work.

Also, to clarify I would not see putting EAs onto the actual EA object.  That would be too much overhead and would create some odd loops and references in the data model that could mess up reports and other things.

Here is what I would propose:

Add a Description field

Add a Last Modified field showing User and Date/Time

Stretch item:

Add a new "System Type" for Extended Attributes.  This would then allow customers to create one picklist kind of field on the EA where they could define types like "Integration, Calculated, System, Unused, etc" something like that so you could then report or filter on that easier.

Would this one single system type meet the use cases outlined?

Yes, between the System Type and Description fields, I'm sure we could make it work!  Thanks.

A "System Type" for EAs would be very helpful in my opinion.

The need for EAs on EAs has come up again, relating to EA "retirement".  We would like to be able to flag EAs in different ways and provide comments as we work to retire individual EAs (over time).

This request has been Qualified.  Is it due to be worked? 

actually I was hoping to have a picklist or multiselect field for it so we could build a report.  We are considering building a copy of the fields in a data dictionary that would be very difficult to keep updated vs just doing it on the actual EA with a field or fields that would could develop reports from to easily identify data.

Ok make sense but that kind of information could just be captured in a description field if we added one right?  So were you just providing another use case for the description field to help justify the idea?  Or is it something more than that?

Kind of, but no so much in relation to within Aprimo.  We already have the Usage details, which is helpful, however what I would like to show is where we leverage that EA outside of Aprimo in either Integrations, or extracts for sql consumption of other applications.  


Brad, are you asking to have a "related to" kind of field that is a multiple selection of all existing EAs for that object so you can associate EAs together as being related?  Something like that?

I would even go a bit further and ask for a limited set of EAs on and EA.  We often leverage EAs in External scripts or with integrations.  It would be good to be able to tag EAs with additional downstream impacted external areas.