New Navigation: Allow for the ability to add multiple list cards, in particular multiple activity list cards

Carolyn Mccarthy 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 1 year ago 1

Users would like the ability to add activity list cards on the home page. The idea would be that a user, while they have their configurable My Activities card to follow certain activities they're managing, they could also have other list cards for different groups of activities they're also monitoring / refer to frequently. While users could bookmark those browser pages of saved list views, having these available on the home page would make it easier for users to get a more complete picture of work they're following all at once upon logging in.


We do not intend to pursue this idea right now.  Having several cards showing the same information with different filters is not a priority for us.  We would rather expand the current options of cards on the home page to include more types of cards (My Projects List, Metrics cards, Financial Approvals, etc) 

If a user has a couple of key activities they want to monitor we would suggest using the Activity Card to pin those activities the home page and then leverage the My Activities cards for their general activities.  Outside of that they can then leverage the Activity List page and saved views for additional filters.