Set an expiration/deletion date on Saved Views and Collections

Mary Mcmahon 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 2

We often have a handful of users who create Saved Views and Collections and share with many other users. These Views and Collections are not relevant for all time, and could be deleted after a period of time. We would love to have this deletion be automated -- it's a housekeeping request.

  • The current view of Collections is not easily searchable, by having obsolete collections in the system, they clutter up the search and UI. Ex: Specific teams have project-based collections. The projects have true deadlines, upon which no one needs access to the collection. The owner of the collection would like to be able to set the deletion date for the collection when she is creating the collection.
  • We use Saved Views to alert users that new content is available for a campaign. That content remains relevant for a period of time (sometimes a couple months, sometimes a year); we'd like to have the View automatically delete upon a date set at the time of creation. Although Saved Views are more easily searched than collections, the list gets unwieldy.
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