User/Collection Managment: When User is deleted, allow assigning collections to new owner

Mary Mcmahon 2 years ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Diana Fournier 1 year ago 3

Today, when a user is deleted, all collections they created are also automatically deleted. We would like to have the option of assigning the collections to a new owner rather than have them be automatically deleted.

This functionality becomes more important in the SaaS environment than it is in our On-Prem one because the user management will be significantly more important due to the cost related to user licensing. Today, if we need to keep collections, we simply don't delete the user. In the SaaS environment, that will not be an economical way of working.

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Agree with this request - we have experienced this for several years.  Perhaps it could be merged with the Reassign TAsks module in the MRM which we always use when people leave the company to reassign tasks/projects.


In Aprimo SAAS you can deactivate a user so that they don't count for your user licensing.

The Administrator could go in and add admin users for the collections owned by a user who left the company. However, transfer of collection ownership may indeed something to add in the future.