For Video Assets: Allow option for switching between the technical and "regular" view without using the back button

Mary Mcmahon 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 2

With video assets, some metadata updates can only be completed while the user is in the Technical View for the asset. While it's easy to switch to Technical View, the only way to get back to the "regular" view is to use the browser's back button. We'd like to see a more straightforward way to switch between the two views.

UX Content Types / Metadata Maintenance

This is in line with our product strategy,however, we see the new DAM UI as the future 'regular' view and the Assets UI as the technical view on the content item/record. Currently one can already switch between new UI and Assets on the object. At a certain point in time we will remove the 'regular view' on video in Assets, so that you land on the technical view immediately.