Annotation Viewer: Compare PDFs and Highlight Differences

Trista Oliva 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Anne Murphy 10 months ago 5

When reviewing 2 versions of a PDF in annotation viewer, it can be difficult to see changes that have been made, even in side by side view.

A better scenario would be to have the ability to compare two documents side by side view with differences/changes highlighted.

This would speed up the reviewing process and ultimately speed to market.

Below I have mocked up a scenario, using native Acrobat functionality to compare documents:

This was just discussed on the Financial Services call.  It is bubbling up as a high priority. 

There is a tool that is also being looked at to accomplish this task but would prefer to have it all within MRM.

Really like this idea,it would save our guys a lot of time annotation an original for comparison at review stage. 

Great idea. It will definitely speed up business approvals.