Annotation Viewer: Compare PDFs and Highlight Differences

Trista Oliva 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Amelia Ross 3 months ago 9

When reviewing 2 versions of a PDF in annotation viewer, it can be difficult to see changes that have been made, even in side by side view.

A better scenario would be to have the ability to compare two documents side by side view with differences/changes highlighted.

This would speed up the reviewing process and ultimately speed to market.

Below I have mocked up a scenario, using native Acrobat functionality to compare documents:

Our users have been asking for this from day 1 - any progress on this?

Hi Carolyn,

We have started working in this area  on a comparison slider and a pixel comparison of two versions of an image.  We expect to release the former at the top of August.  After we complete these two we will investigate the methods of supporting pdf file types.  I will keep you updated in this thread. 

This would be highly welcomed.  Many of our users avoid using the annotation viewer (ie download docs, then print to view side by side on paper) because it is to hard to see in the annotation viewer as side by side.

We will begin work in this area this month and I will update this thread with our findings and plans.

This was just discussed on the Financial Services call.  It is bubbling up as a high priority. 

There is a tool that is also being looked at to accomplish this task but would prefer to have it all within MRM.

Really like this idea,it would save our guys a lot of time annotation an original for comparison at review stage. 

Great idea. It will definitely speed up business approvals.