Metadata exchange from the DAM ----> MRM for asset metadata e.g. "Run Time" "Number of Pages"

Diana Fournier 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 1 year ago 2

We have a specific use case where Asset Metadata can be extracted like "Run Time" for a video file or "Number of Pages" for a PDF file.  We then use these fields on a user's Review Task in the MRM as an EA so they can see at a glance approximately how long it will take them to review a particular asset (2 minutes vs. 2 hours).  Currently there is some way to send MRM project metadata to ADAM assets, but there is no way to send project asset data back to an MRM EA.

Workflow Tasks

Eric - Absolutely Correct!


Diana I think the real ask here is to maybe surface Asset metadata more tightly into the workflow correct?  Rather than trying to push the value into an EA on the MRM project or activity.  I assume you want to show the Review these fields in a DCT is your thinking right?  But you really do not need the data in the EA.  Also this would not work if you have 2 or 3 videos on the same task right?  Because now we do not know which video to update the EA values with or you would be creating duplicate EAs, etc.

Seems like the real use case here might be to have the option to configure certain DAM record metadata fields to display in a section on the Task or be visible in the carousel window when viewing the files so the Reviewer can easily see those specific fields about the file without having to open the full view details page in the DAM.  Would you agree?