Allow multiple-select EAs to be used as parent fields in DCTs & Page Layout

Joe Cerep 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Karthik Balakrishnan 3 months ago 4

Currently only Single-Select Picklist fields can be used as parent fields for DCTs & in Page Layout sections. Allowing Multi-Select fields to be used as parents would greatly improve the flexibility admins have when configuring Job Starter Forms, Activity Layouts, DCTs ect.

Example: our company has three main divisions; West, Central & Northeast. Each division has multiple regions included in their footprint.

West - California, Houston, Mountain West, Portland
Central - Big South, Chicago, Florida
Northeast - Beltway, Freedom, Boston

Due to the fact that only Single-Select Picklist fields can be used as parent fields, our current configuration is:

West Division Needed? - Yes/No
   - If Yes - West Regions EA is displayed
Central Division Needed? - Yes/No
      - If Yes - Central Regions EA is displayed
Northeast Division Needed? - Yes/No
      - If Yes - Northeast Regions EA is displayed

If Multi-Select fields could be used as parent fields, the configuration would be

Division(s) (Multi-Select) - West, Central, Northeast
      -  West Regions, Central Regions and/or Northeast Regions would be displayed based on the selection(s) in the Multi-Select Region field

This is just one example of many where user experience is diminished by the fact that Multi-Select EAs can't be used as parent fields.

Any update on this?
like when it will be available?

We also have the need to have more than one Parent EA for a DCT or Page Layout Section.   We are finding that we are displaying fields on the request form that are not really relevant because we cannot hide them properly .   

For example, users can request up to 4 pieces of collateral on our design request form, so we ask 'Is Print Required' for each collateral request.  We have to display Delivery Address at the bottom of the request form even though 1-4 'Is Print Required' fields are = No.  If we could have multiple parent EAs with AND or OR operators, we could only show this Delivery Address field with the Parent Expression : 1 - Is Print Required = YES OR 2 - Is Print Required = YES OR 3 - Is Print Required = YES OR 4. - Is Print Required = YES.

I thought this was aligned with the multi-select fields being parents, so I added it here, but if I should input a new one, just let me know.

We would also benefit from this feature as we have a Request Type field (Social Media, Email..etc) that drives field display.  We have to have the workflow populate separate fields 'Social Required?' (Yes/No) just so they can be the parent fields.  With more and more channels coming, this is going to be a large maintenance issue.