Allow Task Notification Reminders/Escalations to reference a Date EA = DOFU + 60 Days when setting the Reminder Begin.

Christine Mellick 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated 1 year ago 2

As an Administrator I want to create a Task Notification Reminders/Escalations using the Date EA called Date of First Use (DOFU), so that I can set a parameter to to send an Task Escalation Notification for all tasks that are DOFU + 60 Days to the assignees.

The DOFU is when the piece is available for public use and is used to determine when a Job is Out of Compliance per our Audit and Compliance policies.  If a Job is still in progress and the DOFU is >60+, we needed to be able to send a notification to the Job Owner that either they need to progress the Job to completion, change the DOFU to a more applicable date, or cancel the Job if they don't need it anymore.

We have discussed (just today) an alternate solution so this idea is no longer needed.  We will be setting up an auto close workflow that assigns a task to send a notification.


Can you please clarify this use case further?  Reminders and Escalations are set on a per task basis so their due dates are relative to that project and the tasks around them.  So you want to trigger reminders for tasks that are 60 days overdue from the date of first use EA value?  But what is the due date of the task itself?  If you trigger a reminder based on a date other than the due date of the task it could always end up wrong or out of sync.  If they tasks is running late the timing may be off or if the task is still projected then it will not get send at the right time.

Are you kicking off tasks to user right away and then leaving tasks assigned to users and they just hold on to them for 60 days to wait and do them until they are 60 days past the DOFU date?  So you want to trigger a reminder to them at that time?  If feel like this use case might be solved with a different solution.  Could you not use a fixed date task instead and set it out to start 60 days from DOFU?