DAM - Populate frequent email recipients in "send to" line when emailing assets (VSTS 151122)

Lindsey Cooper 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 4 months ago 6

When using the Send Using Email function, users should be able to select from a list of recent users and/or email addresses that they've emailed in the past.

UX Orders / Sharing

This feature is queued for our next release DAM 133

Looking for real user cases please answer the following questions:

A.Do you send content to both existing and external users?

B.Do you mostly send content to existing users?

C.Do you mostly send content to external users?

Attached is a screenshot with more context around this request.  Ideal scenario would be to click in the "To" line and have the most frequent email address recipients auto-populate allowing the sender to click on one of the available email addresses, without having to type out the full email address of the person they want to send the link to.