Ability to move a file to an existing record in the "My Uploads"-page

Joris Wynendaele [Aprimo] 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 5 months ago 9

As a user I want to be able to add a file from the "My Uploads"-page to an existing record as a new file version, so that i have an easy way to add a file as a new version if i detect it should be a new version (rather than a new record) after it was uploaded.

Versioning Ingestion / Upload

I am also interested if there is any progress on offering this option.


Is there an update on this request or a recommended best practice? I need to clean up duplicate records. I'll find an identical record in there 3x, with the 2 older versions having been archived instead of the new ones being uploaded on the original record. I don't want to delete the old ones, but I need to captured in the history, or at least related.

Could I download the other versions and upload them, in sequential order, to the original record? Or could I remove the unique metadata (Offer ID) from the field and place it elsewhere so that the unique identified works on the field but that they are still related?

Your request is very specific and also related to your data model with unique Offer ID. I would suggest to reach our to professional services to understand what your best options are to reconstruct the history of different records into one merged record.

This would be a great functionality. I have found some files that were uploaded as a new record instead of being uploaded as a version of an existing record. With metadata being added manually, there's also the possibility of errors in the new metadata. It would be really helpful to be able to move a record (not just within My Uploads, but anywhere in the DAM) to a version of another existing record.

Absolutely - this is a huge use case for us.  This would be helpful to our team of digital asset librarians, but also for creatives and the Photography team when they mistakenly upload the wrong version of a final file in their task.  We currently have this as a customization on-prem and it will be sorely missed if it is not accommodated in Azure.  Thank you!

This is primarily impactful for Photography and Illustrations, but also implies to InDesign files.

This also needs to work for INDD Packages!