Aprimo Sitecore-connector supports only single language

heba.abdul 2 years ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by Tarun Chawla 1 year ago 3

Hilton Grand Vacations has two digital properties (English, and Korean) which are managed through Sitecore CMS. Each Website has its own Aprimo assets and associated meta data which need to be imported & managed in its own native language in the Sitecore CMS. The Aprimo connector can only display assets in the Sitecore CMS under one culture code. In our case, it is working fine for the US market: "en-US" but we also need it for the Korean culture code “ko-KR”. If we import an asset from an Aprimo DAM Korean classification through the connector; it defaults to the Sitecore English culture code and cannot be used in the Korean Website pages. We need a solution to import Aprimo assets to Sitecore CMS for more than one culture code.


I am moving this to shelved as the language fallback configuration should solve this specific problem, however, we may consider full multi-lingual item support in the future.

Hi Heba, 

See below - I just sent a note about this earlier today as well which you might not have seen yet. Here's a possible way to solve this. Let me know your thoughts.

When the Aprimo Connector imports items into Sitecore, it only creates them as an English language version. However, assuming you want to use the same asset for multilingual pages in Sitecore, you can take the following steps:

  1. Enable the item-level language fallback capability of Sitecore (documented here.)
  2. Set the language fallback for non-english languages to be English on the language section (covered in the link above under the ‘Specify the fallback language rules’ section).
  3. Create a field in Aprimo that is numeric with accuracy of 1, range 0-1, and default value 1 that's available on records that you are exposing to Sitecore.
  4. Using the dynamic field mapping feature of the connector, set up a field map as follows, using the Aprimo field name for the field you created in step 3:

This will ensure that every item imported into Sitecore by the connector will have the item fallback flag on, which in tandem with the settings from 1 and 2 will always serve up the English version of the asset, even if you are adding content to a page that does not have English set as its language.