Ability to set watermarks on file version level via Rules

Joris Wynendaele [Aprimo] 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Sophia Manos 12 months ago 9

As an admin I want to be able to set watermarks on file version level via Rules so I can watermark all old versions of an asset but not the latest one.


Yes, thanks for the clarification. 

For this use case I would prefer to invest in specific access rights like 'ability to access older versions' instead of watermarking of older versions. So i'm going to shelve the particular request to watermark older versions, but controlling access to versions is a qualified need which we envision to pick up some time in the future.

Hi Petra,

I guess the main reason why is due to the lifecycle of the asset within our system. I have provided a scenario below:

Say, for instance, We have a record containing a file version (v1), and it becomes apparent that this version of that file has a Legal Issue. Our end user would then classify that file into an area of the system called "Legal Issue" that applies a special legal issue watermark.

If a creative user then comes into the system and adds a new file version that fixes the legal issue, this new version (v2) is then set to be made available (by unclassifying the asset from "Legal Issue".

We would still like the first version of the file (v1) to be marked as "Legal Issue" via the watermark so that it is clear for the end users that this version of the said asset has a legal issue problem and should not be download and consumed.

I hope this clears the issue, let me know if you have any questions.

So wouldn't you then prefer shielding them off entirely? 

Hi Petra,

I am a new Aprimo DAM user.  I would like to see the older versions visible in record as they are now, but make it so admins or asset owners can restrict prior versions from being downloaded. Is that a feature on the horizon?


Strategically it is in scope to control who can access versions. But i would think that if you don't have access to older versions, you also wouldn't be able to see them. Is there a use case why you would show them and block the download?

I guess not, as long as the proper content creators would still be able to see them all. The goal is for consumers to not be able to download them. I thought though that they COULD still see them. It could be my mistake. Again...new to the tool.  : ) But I am happy it is in scope to add the control feature.  

What is the reason why older versions should be watermarked?

Because they are not up to date any more and should not be used (or used with care)