Request to allow company-specific help guides, not just the Aprimo made ones

Diana Fournier 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 12 months ago 5

1) In PM allow the help guides icon to launch company-specific help guides, tutorials, work instructions etc. instead of just the guides that ship with base Aprimo.

2) (less important at the moment) Also would be good if we were provided with translated versions of those guides for non-English users.


If you could configure default links into the User Links card that would show for all users would this solve the need here?

Yes, that would be great!  As long as we could customize this to each our needs.

We are struggling with this as well as we would link to have an option on the main nav that linked out to our training documents like we could pre-SaaS. 

The system admin message is great, but it's not something I would want to utilize for a permanent link. We would like to reserve that for special reminders.

The user link card would work but without the ability to update the card and push it to all users we would have to go into each users profile individually to update the user links card which isn't manageable.  So until we can set a homepage template it's not something we would consider. 

I would still prefer the option to add another item on the main nav that we can customize to what we would like displayed, then maybe have an "on/off" option for that feature so that each company can decide to utilize it or not. 


With the New Home Page, there is now the option to post a system message card which can include links and there is a User Links cards to display links to external systems or other pages in Aprimo.  You could configure a link on one of these cards to open your custom help page.  This might be an option for this.

We have guides stored at another location (outside Aprimo) and it's not a seamless or intuitive user experience to locate that specific information. We want to users, especially infrequent reviewers or requesters, to easily be able to complete their activity without requiring additional effort to find the guides outside the system or engage support team to help navigate.