Request to allow users to copy roles when copying an Activity without the Project, Edit (VSTS 111284)

Carolyn Mccarthy 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 9 months ago 10

Our project managers still would like to copy roles when using the copy feature for activities, and this is something that was seen at one point (perhaps not intentionally.) Having this ability would save users a lot of time spent manually assigning roles.


Aprimo is releasing a new domain right to specifically control access to the Task Worksheet.  This new right will become available in r109 which is deploying this week.  Below is the release note entry detail the feature.

So once this new domain right is available you could grant your users Project, Edit but NOT grant them this new "Task Worksheet, Access" domain right and they would be able to modify all other aspects of a the project (including copying roles) but they would NOT be able to access the Task Worksheet page.

NOTE:  As stated in the release note, any user or groups that already have Project, Edit will automatically be granted Task Worksheet, Access so if you have users that can access the worksheet and you think they should not be able to it might be because a group they belong was granted the right instead of the user themselves.

That would work for us so long as with Project, Edit, we would still be able to copy roles.  We are okay with our users editing any other aspect of the project, just not the task worksheet.


Aprimo will be creating a new domain right separate from Project, Edit to limit access to the Task Worksheet.  Likely a new right call "Task Worksheet, Access".

Or possibly a "Task Management" right that would limit users from being able to modify tasks from either the Task List OR the Task Worksheet since technically they can do it from both locations.  This would allow you to separate a user that should be able to modify Project information (base fields, EAs, etc) but should not be able to modify the Tasks within the project itself.


Removing rights to edit the task worksheet from Project, Edit domain right would absolutely work for us.

So thinking about this further, another possible approach to solve this need could be to create a separate domain right for access to the Task Worksheet. Then you could grant the users Project, Edit rights which would allow them to copy roles but not grant them Task Worksheet access rights. Would that work as well?  I think this approach might add more value to other customers as well since I have spoken with other customers who would like more control over who can get to the Task Worksheet.

I have other uses for a separate domain right on task worksheet that I would love this. So many times our users go into that view and mess up their workflow.  Please add that domain right!

Agreed, we prevent Project, Edit for nearly everyone largely in part of this issue. 

A domain right specifically for Task Worksheet access would help us greatly as well.

Thanks for the feedback.  Two items for those that replied.  I assume if this Voice request is for a separate Domain Right to Task Worksheet then you want it so can you please then vote for it so I have that detail.

Second, You can do most all the same things on the Task List page that you can do from the Task Worksheet the only difference is you have to open each task up individually.  Do you also not want these users to have access to the Task List either or do you view that differently still? 


After discussion on this I realized I had missed the note in the title of this Idea that stated that the roles are available to copy if the user has Project, Edit but the concern is that granting the user Project, Edit also grants access to the Task Worksheet.