Annotation Viewer - Ability to click links in the Viewer (VSTS 185015)

Carolyn Mccarthy 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Amelia Ross 3 months ago 21

SAN notes - We would like to give users reviewing pieces with clickable links in Annotation Viewer, the ability to click links from within Annotation Viewer.

This functionality is included in Release 122, which has been cut.

The code to make changes to our legacy code were merged into release 121 and changes to the html5 annotation viewer code will be merged into 122.  We expect Release122 to be out in production by mid-July and I will update this thread at that time.

Hi Amelia - do you know if that fix will include the ability to link out to a PDF from within the NOTE text of the annotation itself (like in a note/callout object)?  

Hi Diana - no, it will only support hyperlinks on the canvas.  You can use the paperclip to add a hyperlink to a PDF - will that not meet your need? 

Yes we did train them on the paperclip but they still asked that we write up the enhancement to link within the notes/callouts themselves (what you called canvas).  They wanted to be able to hyperlink to a website or file for example from within that text, not do the paperclip linkage.

Okay Diana.  I will ask my team about the effort to support that and get back to you in this thread!

great!  thank you so much

Our work on supporting pdf editor created hyperlinks in the annotation viewer while not modifying the behavior for a password protected pdf is in the final stage.  This ticket did not meet the Release 120 cut off but will definitely be in Release 121 and of course there will be a Release Note.  I will update this thread when it is officially merged.  Thanks.

We had to roll back this functionality because there was a conflict with password protected pdfs.  We are currently working the ticket to resolve that and it appears we will be re-releasing the functionality in Release 120; I will update this thread when it is certain.  

This functionality is in Release 117.  There is no system parameter or feature flag needed. The links in a pdf resulting from a website upload can also be tested in the annotation viewer.

The ability to click on a hyperlink created using a pdf editor in the annotation viewer is available in R117.  When the user does not have a tool selected and clicks on the hyperlink a new tab will be created to display the destination URL.  

Also text links for hyperlinks should be clickable within the annotation note itself please

Yes - correct, Eric. 


So to be clear, the desire here is that you upload a PDF that includes existing links in them already configured.  You want those links to work when clicked?  I would expect that clicking the link should open a new browser window or at least a new tab in the current window and take you to the location.  

I would like to have the ability to click a hyperlink within a document from within the annotation viewer.  Currently users have to open the file in the web browser to test if hyperlinks are linking to intended location, which adds step and navigation when reviewing materials

Similar to how web links can be clickable in PDFs, we would like them to be clickable in Annotation Viewer.  Business case is when we route SEO pages that has text that links back to our website, our compliance partners need to be able to see where the text links.  Since we require the page to go through without markups/clean, we would like the text to be clickable.  


Are you asking that the annotations feature allows you to create an Annotations that is a type "Link" where the person entering the annotations is entering a URL into the document OR are you asking that hyperlinks that are already in the document or image are clickable and would open the webpage?