Add Audit Trail to Detail if an Activity was Copied from the Job Starter (My Requests)

Christine Mellick 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated 5 months ago 6

We need to know whether an Activity is copied via the Job Starter (My Requests) vs.started through the Job Starter form via Create Request.  Can this be detailed in the Audit Trail similar to how it is captured when you copy an Activity from the Activity Details page.

Hi Eric - We are still looking for some direction if this is in the works or not.  Often times, when there is an issue with a request, Aprimo CS will specifically ask if the Activity was started from scratch or if it was copied from a previous Work Request Form.  Having this information included in the Audit Trail upon Activity start up with information on what Activity ID it was copied from or if no Activity ID, then that means it was started from scratch.  Thanks, Christine

Hi Eric - Do we have any updates on this as it is still tagged as "New". 

We are looking for a way to determine when a user has copied an existing Work Request by clicking on a previously submitted Work Request in the My Work Requests queue and clicking "Copy" or if they have created a brand new request using a blank form from the "Create New" Work Request button.

You could use the Audit Trail function to capture if it was copied from a previous request, insert "Copied from Activity ID####".
We don't ever use the "Copy" button from the Activity Details page.  But for other users this might be beneficial to add as well.

Thanks, Christine

Also, including the Job ID that it was copied from would be valuable to know, so request details can be compared if needed.


Are you saying you want to know whether users are copying their old Job Requests and then submitting them OR if they are opening the new blank request form and filling in the information?  

Yes to both.  We want to know if they are copying a previous request or starting one from scratch.

Hi Eric - Any updates on this?  We have a need to know whether our users are copying an old Work Request form and updating it with additional new information and submitting that or starting a new blank Work Request form and filling in the information through to submittal.  This will help us triage some issues if we can understand how they are using the Work Request form.