Aprimo DAM - Conditional custom actions

bart.theys 2 years ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 10 months ago 5

In Aprimo DAM it is possible to configure custom actions that can call a webhook/pagehook. The action menu configuration is user role based, but the actions will always show for all assets. This request is too have the option to hide (or disable) custom actions for assets, based on a criteria defined in the action configuration. Two of the criteria that would cover most of our cases are:

- IsClassifiedIn (e.g. only show action if asset is classified in 'Draft Assets')
- DAM Permissions (e.g. only show action if user has a specific permission. Not sure if this is still possible in SaaS version. But in the old ADAM, custom permissions could be defined in the system e.g. CanUseMyCustomAction). 

Rules / Actions Configuration

Yes, we have this on the roadmap.

Agree with this one totally, but I would want this extended, so that on actions against records you could show/hide the action based on the Content Type of the Record.  For example, only show "Video" actions against Video Content Types