User Links Card in New Nav: Allow for link titles to be configured

Trista Oliva 2 years ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Amelia Ross 1 year ago 2

A powerful use of the User Links card is to provide the functionality to run reports and dashboards directly from the home page. A user can take the URL of the report or dashboard and add it to the User Links card. In fact, in New Nav, you can grab any URL from the app, so another use case would be to create a quick link to a page you visit often in the application, such as My Tasks. However, when application URLs are added, the URL looks so similar you cannot tell the difference. 

A great enhancement would be the ability to add a title to the URLs when you configure them on the User Link card. This way a user can create their own title and can immediately differentiate between the URLs. 

See this mockup:

Current State: 

Proposed State:

In Progress

The ability to specify a title for each link added on the User Link card is currently in development.