Output Port Rule based on comparing Date Field to Current Date (Process Date)

Scott Carson 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Szymon Wozniak 4 months ago 6

We need the ability to build an output port criteria where we compare a Date Field (Base or EA) to the current date (Process Date).    I want to build something like Begin Date is Greater than Process Date or List Expiration Date is on or After Process Date.

Fields / Attributes Rules / Actions

Adding the ability to compare date fields on output ports would definitely be an improvement that would allow for much greater flexibility when designing the workflow. There would be an option to route the workflow differently if it's past an important date dynamically chosen by the users. 

The more generic the date comparison (date compare) could be made... the better!  For example, we have an upcoming requirement to compare two date EAs (Expiration Date 1 not greater than Expiration Date 2).  This is illustrated in Scott's second example.

It would be great if this could make it into a near term story!

I would like the date comparison but also more of the ability to write expressions that would also allow us to compare values of picklists, or roles, or a picklist to a role (not sure if that's possible).  I thing anywhere we have rules or criteria, we should be able to write an expression similar to business rules.  This would apply to output ports, report criteria, maybe other places in the application. 

Brad I agree that the having the Calendar and the FX button like Business Rules or in a Status Action Edit Attribute with the Operator set to Set to Field would give the most flexibility.   You could either use Process Date, compare to a base or EA date field, and be able to add or subtract time from any of the dates used.


From our conversation Scott, you want to use this in the "Rule" for the port.  So go down this port if the Begin Date is < "Process Date" rather than having to be a specific real date like 5/1/2019 which is what you can do today.  So similar functionality to the "Fx" button you have on setting field values in Status Actions.

Curious to hear from other customers on this topic.