Multi Document Voting - Save mutilple votes at once (or warn if not saved)

bart.theys 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Diana Fournier 2 years ago 2


When reviewing/voting on multiple documents in PM (inbox), it is convenient to use the scroll arrows (see screenshot) to go to the next document (instead of closing/opening the popup for every document). Unfortunately, the system does not warn you when you entered a vote/comment and moved to the next document without hitting the save button in between. I think it would make most sense if the save action is only used one time (to close the window and persist information updated in the popup over the different documents). Alternatively, I would suggest to give a warning when a user goes to the next document without saving the vote on the current one.

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Bart Theys - delaware

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We're still in the process of migrating to Azure, but if this concern is valid it would certainly impact our users as well.