Task preview once step configured

Karthik Balakrishnan 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Adam Henderson 7 months ago 9 1 duplicate

Please add a functionality to preview Task - How it will looks like in Task Inbox. Like we have Activity Request Forms.

Because In-order to preview the changes we done in the workflow, we have to trigger a project and travel through that exact path and then we can see that particular task preview. If any EA's are DCT missed then we have to do those configuration again we have follow the same process.

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I understand the ask but I also agree with Michael.  What DCTs display and the cascading relationships are tied to Activity or Project EA field values which we would not have at that time so we would need to try and think through a way to fake that or is the main ask just to see that all the right sections are there but not test out all the cascading configurations?

That's a good point about any cascading DCT's, it would still be good to see a preview so you know you have all the correct sections and can see how they look. 

This would be very helpful.  We'd have to figure out how the handle cascading sections and cascading fields based off activity EAs not surfaced, but this could really streamline the testing process

This would save us a lot of time when building new workflows or modifying them.  

This would be awesome. Such a time saver also. As it is now it requires several extra steps to test a workflow.

Great suggestion!