Ability to review a task and issue a VOTE via mobile

Kevin Kline 10 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 9 months ago 3

Many of our individuals responsible for approving items in the workflow are constantly traveling and conduct much of their work via mobile - we need an easy way for them to be capable of reviewing tasks and issuing their approval remotely without the need to load the system up on a desktop browser


Aprimo is developing a native mobile.  The initial feature set of the mobile application is focused on financial approvals of Invoices and Committed Funds (POs) as this is another area where the approvers might be traveling and need to work from a mobile device.  This initial version is almost complete and should be releasing to Early Adopters in June time frame.  We will be showing a working version of this to customers at SYNC.  If you are attending stop by the booth and ask to see it.

While that is in EAP and we are gathering feedback we will be immediately moving to our next phase which will be to support review tasks being available in the mobile application with the option to approve/reject.  The reviewer will be able to add a comment as part of the review.  The goal would be to have support for review tasks in the mobile app in Q3.

The mobile app will work for iOS and Android devices.  There will be some restrictions on what versions are supported.

Our reviewers could also benefit from the ability to review via their mobile device.