See time stamps in user's time zone

RJ Mendoza 2 years ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Laura Fu 5 months ago 8

Current timestamp is off maybe due to time zone differences. Would be great if we see time stamps in user's time zone.

Currently this is not configurable.

Has there been any update to the Request?  It would mean a lot to my user base to be able to see actions corresponding to their timezone.  It being offset makes any kind of trouble shooting and activity tracking much more difficult. 

Agreed. There has been some confusion when looking at audits or logs and seeing a timestamp that is off hours or in the future. When troubleshooting, it's vital to know exactly when something happened.

I'm a bit intrigued by the word 'actions' in your description. Can you elaborate what you mean?

Actions in this context can refer to anything that the job or applications log captures.  For my users, it will most commonly be uploads/downloads and edits.  It makes things difficult when they are working on multiple tasks simultaneously and are unable to easily find work they have to return to.  Additionally, when they experience any issues, it requires an admin to track down what specifically happened and it is often very difficult to find their specific actions due to the timezone.

As an admin, it impacts my daily work in testing the environment, as it becomes more difficult to track down specific test cases I run throughout out the week.

I'm sure you're already thinking of this, but when solving for this, please keep the solution in line with what PM does so it's not looking in multiple places for a user's time zone.  thanks!


The legacy DAM UI shows UTC time zone. 

We are changing this strategy in the new DAM UI, where we will show user's time zone instead.

Glad this is qualified because at HGV we have global users in Asia, India, and US.