References that can check regular expressions

Joris Wynendaele [Aprimo] 2 years ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Chris Teer 1 year ago 11

As an admin I want to be able to use references that can check regular expressions, so for example I can create rules, validations, default values that would only be triggered if a field/filename has FINAL in its value

Rules / Actions

This would be incredibly useful at Stanley Black and Decker to aid in us to meeting asset validation and metadata extraction elements using configuration rather than customized integration code

This feature is critical to our Stanley Black and Decker DAM teams as they have very specific file-naming conventions that need to trigger different validation and enrichment events. This automation saves them countless hours and greatly reduces mistakes made during current manual processes. 

In a simple example, if files have a pattern of DW12345_B1, DW12345_B2 and DW12345_A1 then the regular expression should be able to determine which of these files should be classified as Beauty Shots or as Application Shots, and in what order they should be listed. More advanced examples include knowing which region the image variant should be classified under.

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