References that can check regular expressions

Joris Wynendaele [Aprimo] 3 months ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by petra.tant 3 months ago 9

As an admin I want to be able to use references that can check regular expressions, so for example I can create rules, validations, default values that would only be triggered if a field/filename has FINAL in its value

Rules / Actions

Hi Petra, I am having the same issues with trying to vote on shelved items saying it is disabled and I am logged in to my account.

I fixed that problem 2 seconds ago :-) should be good now on all shelved topics


My sincere appologies ladies. My mistake entirely and sorry for wasting your time. Shelved is indeed a closed state. The state should have been 'Qualified'.

My voting option is disabled

Hi Monika, i can think of a couple of reasons for this:

- to vote you will need to logged in

- its possbile that as long as you are not a 'trusted' contributor to the forum (e-mail verified and 2 approved engagements), your vote is not available yet. So can you try again if you see the vote button?

- if not, can you just try another browser to make sure it is not a browser failure?

Is voting supposed to be disabled on a "Shelved" idea?

Yes. Voting should work on shelved ideas.

Please check if you are you logged in. You cannot vote anonymously.