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Karthik Balakrishnan 2 years ago in Insights / Reporting updated by Tarun Chawla 3 months ago 4

As of now we have report format that will have all EA titles as column headers. But our business requirement demands a format that EA name/Title will be one column header and EA value will be an another column header. so that first column will have all EA titles and 2nd column will have corresponding EA values.


Hi all, this would be a major change to the output of Aprimo reports. Rather than expanding visual layout options in our own tools we have focused on integration with 3rd party tools and our professional services team or our partners can provide solutions through PowerBI or Tableau for more advanced reporting layouts. I am shelving this enhancement at this time.

Business case: Workflow is used to gather requirements from multiple stakeholder teams (Funding especially). The complete set of requirements for a project need to be made available to Governance and other execs who need to have a holistic view in a PDF report format so they can make an executive decision. Ideal way to present the ~50-60 EA's would be in a summary format and not display EA's as columns. A decent number of those EA's are long text EA's.

Current functionality allows the requrements to be displayed as

Column Headers: EA1, EA2... EA60

Rows: EA_Val1, EA_Val2,... EA_Val60

Ideal format to display requirements in a report:

EA1 = EA_Val1

EA2 = EA_Val2




EA60 = EA_Val60

Please let us know if this is helpful or further clarification is needed.


Can you better clarify the business use case here?  What is driving the selection of the values on this report?  Is this all the EAs for a specific activity listed as name and value pairs?  Trying to understand the use case behind formatting data like this?

The report is just displaying the all the (requirement related) EA's in a specific workflow as name, value pairs. There is no specific selection of values in this case. The reason behind the formatting is to present the requirements data in a clear, concise manner and readable manner.