Dynamic Row EAs for Content Management

Karthik Balakrishnan 4 weeks ago in Productivity Management 0

Dynamic Row EAs for Content Management in Aprimo.

By 2017, Aprimo told this functionality is in road map. One of our business is based on content management.In order to track all the content inside Aprimo, we were creating number of EA. This leads us to reach soft limit also hard limit of EA count.

We reached hard limit for one of our environment in 2017 and Aprimo told there is a road map to create a functionality "Dynamic row EAs" 

Michael Bennett

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Hello Susan, We heard back from Product Management regarding the dynamic row EAs and they're still on the roadmap, but no target date has been set yet. Additionally I'll be reaching out to see if there is any such plan for Mass Update at project level EAs and see if I can get a status update on that as well. Kind Regards, Michael Bennett Application Support Analyst Aprimo Michael.Bennett@aprimo.com