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Project work request/Job Starter

Karthik Balakrishnan 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated 7 months ago 6

I heard in some discussion that, there will be a work request form to start a project. This will be helpful in most of our use cases.

Hi Eric
1. user type

Say, contributor want to start a project or change request.

Contributors can kickoff Activity, but not projects :)

Only Full users can get into Activity - Project list page and start project.

By this type of work request, Contributors can start project. 

Yes they have to select, in which Activity they want to have this project.

In one of our use case. we gave a Full User access to a role xyz, just to create a project.
apart from creating project that role not doing anything in project. we can give contributor access to role xyz, if we have project work request.

In Review

Circling back on this, there has been discussions on this again more recently.  My question to our customers is what are the use cases for this?  How would you see this being controlled?

Are users completing a Work Request like form but on that form there is an Activity field to select?  If so should all activities be available to submit a new project into?

When you configure the request form I assume you would have to pick the project template and the teams to apply like you do in a business rule?

Would be curious to hear what use cases/needs this would solve?  Maybe there is a better way to solve for those than this feature?

You can also use business rules to kick off a project template when Job Starter submitted.    

You’re correct that all INITIAL projects need an activity, but workflow status actions (and output ports) do have the ability to fire off a project(s). Today, you can have a contributor kick off (request) a new project within a task by building in some sort of logic and using the status action of “apply workflow”.

Today we have Activity Request Forms, what we expecting is a Project Request Form.

Activity Request Forms will create an activity, then under that activity it will create a project.

So in-order to create a project, we should create an activity.

Project Request Form will create only project. You say New Project from template doing the same work. But this option is only for Full users not for Contributors. Also it will be a more abstract way to start a project.