Hide DCT section title

Karthik Balakrishnan 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Joe Cerep 3 weeks ago 10

Ability to hide DCT section title as we have in Page Layout section title hide.

This will be helpful to avoid more text in DCT, when we do cascading.

There should be DCT Title, after that there should be a section Title after that only we can see actual EA title. some times these titles redundant. So we are using "." or "_" in each section title. But this will be very difficult, when we do SET LAYOUT SEQUENCE. all section title will be ".". So If we have section title hide option like in page layout it will be useful 

Are there any updates on this request? We're getting consistent negative feedback from users on this topic.

Adding a recent example of a frequent question from our users due to the section title being required for any child section in DCTs. 

We have a field "Requesting on behalf of"
If this is set to "Business Unit" the "Source Business Unit" field is triggered
On the request form, there is no header/section title needed for "Source Business Unit" so we restrict it from showing
On DCTs, we are forced to add a section title when it is not needed

Hi Eric,

Having the setting at the DCT section level would certainly work for us, helping with minimising text duplication and optimising screen real estate usage in the Task Inbox. 

It would also then match with the page layout options for sections within Activities/Projects etc.

Many thanks,



Want to clarify the specifics on this request.  When you are configuring the definition of each section in the DCT, the ask would be to add a new fields like "Show Title on Task" with a choice of "Yes/No".  If you chose "No" then when the DCT is displayed on a Task the section title would not be displayed.  

Just want to make sure the ask here is at the DCT master level setting and not a per Task configuration setting.  Meaning that when you add a DCT to a specific task in the Page Layout tab there is no option there to set this.  It would be configured on the master DCT so any task where this DCT is displayed the section title would not show if it was set to "No".

So adding the additional setting option between theTitle and the Status field on the "Edit" section page in a master DCT.

Yes, I understood. We can't configure this in Task level.
we want to configure this by DCT Section Level only.
Show Title on Task = Yes => Display section title in Task Inbox/Legacy

Show Title on Task = No => Do not Display section title in Task Inbox/Legacy

We would benefit from it being on the Master level. Would be interested in seeing what hiding a section header looks like with the New Nav and Task Inbox. As you know, the length of many DCTs have increased significantly because of the move to a single column.  This could potentially help this issue to some extent at least.  

Agreed that the new option being on the master level would be beneficial.

I was planning on submitting the same enhancement request.  We were able to use HTML in version 9.0 to hide DCT titles and had to update this prior to going to SaaS.  Many times we do not want to add a title and this looks very redundant to the users and takes up space on the screen.

We also would have submitted this same request - in order to configure the necessary parent/child relationships in DCTs, we have to have many sections with duplicate titles where ideally there would be no title/header. The ability to hide the DCT section title the same way we can in Page Layout would make the DCTs much more user friendly.