Add an annotation icon that identifies a change as "suggested"

Elisa Williams 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by petra.tant 2 years ago 1

Add an option for SUGGESTED CHANGES to annotation icons
We want the ability to add an annotation icon or notation that states that a change is SUGGESTED.

  • Reviewers have the opportunity to annotate changes on a document. Some changes are required and others are suggestions.
  • In some cases, the submitter is working with a document provided by a partner and the partner may not agree/approve the changes made by internal reviewers.
  • Many times the submitters need to engage in additional emails with reviewers to confirm that the annotation is required rather than suggested.

If the annotation was clearly marked as suggested then that would cut down on time spent trying to contact the reviewer to confirm.

For example:

Add a color outline or S to an annotation box indicating it is a suggested change. 


Impact on productivity. By having a clear option that shows suggested changes, it would cut down on time spent emailing back and forth with reviewers to identify suggested vs. required changes.


Slows down productivity

    Submitter would be clear on what changes/updates are only suggestions and would not need to spend additional time reaching back out to reviewers to get clarification on required vs. suggested changes.

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