Add "show selected annotations" option within the Annotation Viewer (VSTS 154349)

Monika Pickard 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by katie.tierney 1 year ago 4

Some review documents are hard for the Creative Team to work because there are so many annotations left on the screen. I recommend Aprimo adds an additional option under Show/Hide annotations button called “show selected annotation”. With this option selected, then someone reviewing the annotations could select an annotation from the right comments panel, and ONLY that annotation would appear on the screen.


We have released some feature improvements to the annotation viewer specific to show and hide functionality.  Users can now show and hide individual annotations.  User can hide more than one annotation or they can hide all annotations and then show specific ones back again.  So if you have 5 annotations all stacked in the same area you can start selecting them and hiding them to remove ones so you can better see others.  Or you can hide all annotations and then if they select a specific annotation on the list just that selected annotation will show on the page and the annotation viewer will jump to that page and we now make sure the selected annotation is visible in the window.  

I would suggest you request to have this feature flag activated in your environment and see if it meets your needs here.  We showed this feature in a demo just today on the customer webinar and it was covered in the April Product Release update recording as well if you want to learn more.

Monika, did you have a chance to try out the new features added to annotations recently?  Does this meet your Creative Teams needs now?

To extend to this, there should only be one click to Show/Hide and to Resolve and not have to click the three dots and then the Show/Hide or Resolve action.  (This is how Adobe Comments work).  This would make the Creative Team's job a lot easier with less clicks, so they can quickly mark the annotations that are Resolved.