Filter Activities List Based On Activity Roles (VSTS 154602)

Monika Pickard 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Scott Carson 1 year ago 2

I'd like Aprimo to investigate an enhancement which allows users to filter Activities based off of the Roles tab -- and then use that filter to configure their My Activities module on the homepage OR to create a view on the Activities List screen.

Correct.   We need the ability for different user to filter Activity and Project lists by a role.    The example I have used before is a designer to find all Activities the worked on in 1Q 2018.    They should be able to create a filter where they are a particular role and a date range.    Another example might be for a requestor to search through all of their activities where a particular designer worker with them.   Want to make sure this is limited to only looking at yourself.


Can you provide some use cases around this?  Is the desire for a user to be able to filter the activity list page to show all activities where they are assigned the role of "Designer" for example?