Task Inbox: Configure Task Tile Fields

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Would like to have the ability to configure the left hand task tiles within the Task Inbox so that users can add/substitute the current fields that appear. For example, adding a user requested due date EA for a task on to the task tile would allow users to prioritize tasks based on the requested due date.  


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Hi Aprimo, let me know if I should start a new voice post for this feedback.   I have been testing this feature and a question.  When I don't add a bottom right field to the task card configuration, the bottom left field is cut off half way and users now have to hover to even read it.   This is where we have the Activity Title and now it is not fully showing, which is causing frustration.  Is this expected? Thanks.

Hi Liz, yes this is to be expected.  We wanted to allow room for an additional field.

There is more space in the center field where you have Task Title now as shown below or your users can use the Info Panel to see the Activity title.  If you still feel strongly about a needed change feel free to create a new Aprimo Voice entry and others may comment. 

This is in Release 117.

Brandon, When I say merged I mean to the main development branch that is then used to cut a release.  It is not in Sandbox yet and I will add the release information to this thread as I said I would. 

The code should be merged Monday, 4/20. Early next week I will update this thread with the release information.  Thanks for your patience.


Can you confirm this is now available in Azure Sandbox? Or if we are still waiting on another update?

I received a confirmation email that 116 has been completed in Sandbox and assumed this was the update we were waiting for. But when I test this in our Azure Sandbox, I am seeing the same issue I have been seeing the past few weeks. I am able to edit the fields in the left panel and save the changes, but the system is not acknowledging the save. I have tried clearing my cache a few times, and confirmed when I go back to the page configuration page, my changes are in there. But they are not displaying on the Task Inbox cards. 

UPDATE: This feature is almost complete; we are just finishing up some testing issues. 

As Eric explained, we will allow you to configure the fields and locations for four fields (that are not multi-select) in addition to to the due date field which will remain where it is.  The configuration is for the entire system, not user by user, and the configured fields are not included in the Sort or Search criteria.  

The feature will be in production next month (April) and announced in the Release Notes as well as in the HELP.  We look forward to getting this feature out and getting feed back on further ways to improve it.

Very happy to hear this is coming soon.

Showing the task due date works for us at Pacific Life.  I can't think of any other dates we would replace this with.  

In Progress

This work is in development and planned to release soon.

Customers will be able to configure the core 3 fields in the middle of the Tile.  Task Status, Task Title, Activity Title.

The customer will be able to switch those fields out for fields of their choice including EAs.

Customer will also be able to add a 4th field on the card if desired.

I know for some customers their was a desire to change the date in the upper right corner.  With this feature that date field cannot be changed at this time.  We are looking at options to allow that to be changed or possibly hidden.

Would be curious to hear from customers if they would want to show a different date field there (like In Market Date) instead of the due date?  Or just not show a date at all?

It would absolutely be beneficial to have the ability to change the days in the tile to a value like the In Market Date.   I am not sure if this is also part of the update, but along with the customizable fields on the tiles, does this also customize the sort function of the tiles as well; e.g. allowing ability to sort by different options like the In Market Date?


I believe with Release 109, we now have the Page Configuration option for the cards, but not the ability for it to save and display. 

Are we getting close to this being fully functional? Is there any updates on the timeline for this? 



This work is planned for a team.  The current approach will be a new system parameter that will allow customer to change out the fields in the card for other fields.  This will actually include most of the default fields on the card.  So this would cover switching out the Activity Title for the Project Title or adding your own EA to the card and possibly even change the Due Date field in the corner to be switched out for another date (baseline date, or maybe an InMarket EA, etc).  We will provide more specifics once the team begins work.

Thanks for the update. This is great news!

Quick note:  I just consolidated two other Ideas to this one which does have the affect of combining the votes from all 3 so it does make the vote count on this look really high but in many cases that is counting the same persons vote 3 times rather than that many individual votes.  This is still I highly voted on topic but probably should be more in the 30s rather than almost 70. 

Quick note:  I just consolidated two other Ideas to this one which does have the affect of combining the votes from all 3 so it does make the vote count on this look really high but in many cases that is counting the same persons vote 3 times rather than that many individual votes.  This is still I highly voted on topic but probably should be more in the 30s rather than almost 70. 

Hi All,

So the title of this Idea started with expanding Search but it has evolved to be more focused on ability to configure the cards.  With the desire that the fields added are also available to search.

Aprimo is actually planning to expand Task Inbox search in another way.  We are almost done with deploying our new system search feature (the feature that does key word searches across Activity, Project and Tasks) from the main header bar.  Once that is deployed in all customer environments the phase was to change the "Search" box in the Task Inbox to use that search index to search for key word matches against ALL the fields available to that broader search for finding tasks in the Inbox.  Obviously the results would be limited to only tasks assign to that specific user since the Task Inbox is only your tasks.

So this would open up search to basically all fields on Activity, Projects and Tasks.  This search expansion is planned to be worked on in Q4 of this year.

Given this I will consolidate this Idea with the other Idea with a more appropriate Title about Configuring the Task Tiles in Inbox.



Hi Eric, would these same features discussed for the task tiles in the task inbox be carried over into the Chat Board view for Project and Activity chat?

Our users need to see the Project title in the task tile.  We have multiple projects within one activity.    It makes it more difficult for our users to identify which project the task is associated with. 

Eric - Are we able to add a unique identifier field?  The #1 field I would assume most users would reference to distinguish between projects across all clients, is a unique identifier field.  i.e Job Code, Project Code, Item Code, Piece ID, etc.  Considering the current limitations around editing the Activity & Project titles I would think the unique identifier field in my mind would be the most beneficial. 

Also, I noticed that there are two different font sizes with the text under the Task Tile.  Was that on purpose? 

Whatever the reasoning, I would say that this would be one of the only cases where I would opt for the smaller font size due to the lose in number of available columns/reference fields from legacy (mainly pertaining to the new My Reviews).  5 - 6 fields, including a couple of custom EAs set by the Admin would be ideal.  I would potentially look at creating a 2 column setup if possible.  Also, like the other threads that talk about the topic, it would be ideal to be able to search on these fields. 

The different fonts are just because I made that UI mock up myself in MS Paint and did not bother to make the fonts identical.  :)

Yes, I would expect Job Code/Asset ID type fields would be a common one to add.  I was thinking that it would be 3-5 fields probably but that would include the Activity Title that we currently show so you could remove that title and replace it with another field if preferred.

Thanks for working on this one Eric.  This will be a big deal to our users.  Four fields will be enough for what information we need to show our users.  The example you show below would work for us.  I would only consider the hover over text if you get push back from other firms to display more than 4 fields.  I am not a huge fan of hover text as it still requires manually moving  card to card to get the information you need.  


We are evaluating options on this.  It would need to be limited to a few fields as there is not much room on the cards for more information.  This will also mean we have to add labels before the fields so users know what the field is on the card.  

Or we have also considered leveraging hover text maybe when you mouse over the icon to show more information.  This way a user could mouse over different tasks to see more detail without needing to click on the task and wait for it to load in order to see those additional details.  This would have more flexibility on number of fields.

If we added it directly to the cards how many fields is reasonable to add value?  Your allowed up to 4 fields (including the current activity title field which you could change)?

Having the Activity ID on this card would be helpful.

Agreed. We've been getting a lot of feedback from users regarding having to click and search elsewhere to find "Activity ID" rather than having it display within the tile.

Where are we with this request?  It is still listed as "New".  We have some high profile legacy users that need the ability to sort by additional fields in order to prioritize properly.  Not having additional configurable fields will be a huge setback to our users.

    My team would definitely benefit from this feature.  We would like to add Activity ID on the task tile above the Activity Title.  This ID is their main reference for what they need to work on.  Now, they have to click on every the tile to see the Activity ID on the task panel, which is very cumbersome. To have it right on the tile, they could easily locate the task they need to update.

    Also, we would like to be able to also increase the font of the Activity Title as it is quite small.  Also, we would request to be able to remove the workgroup action icon, as it takes up quite a bit of space and is not really relevant to us as most tasks are assigned to a single user.

    So part of the challenge with this is space on the card.  If you start adding more fields into the card the layout and spacing becomes a challenge and each card themselves will become large (taller) which means that less will be visible on the window before you have to scroll.  Also, do we need to show "labels" for these fields or will users just know that they are?

    This is just a rough mock up but if we start allowing this to configured by customer I think we would have to put labels on the fields and likely would want to limit the total number of fields that is shown to maybe like 4 or 5 at most.

    What base fields are of value?  I believe from conversations with customers that most would want to show either the Activity Title or the Project Title but which one depends on the customer.  Would anyone want to see both?

    Eric, this is a great start.  Labels are probably going to be necessary and I am fine with limiting the total number of fields to 4 or 5.  We'll make that work.  We just need the flexibility to decide what fields are visible on the card.  At PL we'd show Activity (Campaign), Project Title, and Project Form Number.

    I'm in agreement with Paul.  The ability for our users to chose which EAs they want to see would be great, and still limit it to 4 or 5.  But depending on the user, they would have different EAs they will want to see.

    Hi Eric, Thanks for the reply. For my use case, I would want to include one project level EA (a due date - in our case, the system due date isn't used all that much and we'd prefer to see the EA due date) and then probably the activity ID (we use this as a key identifier). I think the screen shot you posted looks good and I think the field names would be helpful. I can completely appreciate the fact that adding too many fields will make tiles longer and limit how many tiles appear on the page. I have a couple of thoughts on on that: 1) The current tiles have a fair amount of white space between lines, so I'm wondering if there may be an opportunity to tighten things up so the line spacing is more condensed. 2) It could be up to each client how many fields they want to include. This would ultimately provide the most flexibility and allow each client to balance the tile size and scrolling requirements based on their specific needs. I'm guessing different clients would have a different points of view on the proper combo. Thanks for taking a look at this. I'm really hoping something can be done to improve the flexibility of the tiles. It will make a huge difference for us in the utility of the task inbox.

    I would also tag this submission under UX. This particular submission has not received the vote count it probably should. There are a lot of submissions pertaining to the task tiles in Task Inbox that could probably be combined.  Some actually have a lot of votes (23). Hoping this gets moved from qualified to In- Progress soon.

    We have give Aprimo the same feedback.   We have an Extended Attribute call our Form Number which is our main key we search on.  This is an example of what I want to add to the Inbox Card

    Need tag this submission under Task

    There are multiple post on Voice related to the ability to customize the information on the Task Inbox tiles.  In addition to the one listed below by Trista,  there is this one  https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/1039-expand-search-functionality-of-task-inbox-to-more-fields-vsts-92812

    At Pacific Life we use project form number and title to identify different tasks.  The ability to add these fields is critical for us to use the Task Inbox.  Again, the flexibility for us to determine what EAs show up on the tile is very important.

    Would also like to be able to configure the task tiles so the EA's that become searchable/sortable can be visible on the tile. We have a project level EA (due date) that users want to be able to use to sort their tasks. Right now, it can't be done and this capability would greatly improve their ability to prioritize work.

    The comment regarding a need to sort using a "due date" EA as opposed to the system defined due date based on the SLA set up in Workflow Templates (Task End Date) ties into another enhancement request "Dynamic Durations in Workflow". Often, because one WF Template is used for many different groups & processes, the due date currently displayed in the Task Inbox isn't the date that users are actually working off of. This has been a pain point for our user base when using the Inbox to this point.

    This and the ability to "sort" tasks within the inbox was requested by KRKA and Delaware.

    This should include the ability to prioritise the tasks too and have the sort options remain sticky.