Ability to Edit SQL Objects and run sql query to return results

Karthik Balakrishnan 2 years ago in Insights / Reporting updated by Eric Teitsma 5 months ago 4

Our business requirements demands more complex workflows and more and more complex reports. we don't have db access. and we are not getting db back up also.

By these difficulties reports development and maintenance(adding more enhancements in existing reports) getting complex day by day.

we are creating more objects and object relationships to get desired output.

Just to see result of a simple query, we should go for long process.

So we want to see Edit option to Custom SQL object and also want to see a run button once sql object creating. This run button will fetch the current result for created sql.


This was released in Dec 2020.



I can't speak to all the enhancements that the Citi team has put in, however, this feature has been assigned to a team and is targeted for Q3 release.

Hi Aprimo Team
Most of Citi enhancements are New or Entered (no change in status after entered) status. In what basic Aprimo reviewing these enhancements in Voice and in what basic those qualified?

This particular enhancement we requested to Aprimo in early 2017 and they told to enter the same in Aprimo Service Now. No improve there. And then two months before, Aprimo told "Aprimo will move Service now enhancements to Voice". After Aprimo told Citi to enter enhancements in Voice. We did and not improvements.