Request to have help text (?) visible without being in edit mode (VSTS 128354)

Carolyn Mccarthy 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Kerry 10 months ago 6

Having the help text question mark visible without being in edit mode would allow users to see the guidance provided without having to click into edit mode to understand the content while viewing details.

In our case it would also apply to all users.  Especially as we have waves of campaigns so perhaps inactivity for some months so the tool tips would serve as a quick reminder of the field meaning.  Perhaps another option would be to have 1 tooltip for the whole section which lists fields within the section.  To make less busy perhaps the tooltip appears "on click" of an icon rather than "on hover".  Especially with the new DAM UI we see less fields and menu options so for us it should not be so cluttered.  

I think this field is valuable for both new and the more seasoned users.  I would expect it to help the new users the most but sometimes if a seasoned user is in a different workstream than they normally use the help fields is a good reminder tool.   As far as how many fields would be on page we do not typically have more than 20 on a page.


How many fields are you typically putting Help tips on for a given page.  I am ok to qualify this and see if we get more customer feedback on this but I still have concerns about the page being too busy if half the field on it have the help icon next to them when in view mode.

Also, do you find that the help text is only valuable to new users or do more seasoned users still reference it and get value from it as well?

This request is also useful for BI, we would simply prefer a tooltip that appears "on hover".  Not just for metadata fields but also for certain functionalities and menu items in Aprimo

For Citizens we have several EA's that are read only visible to the reviewers, they do not need always need to edit the data - just cast their vote.  However, they might not quite understand why a field has the value displayed, the help field provides the guidance without the extra click to edit when they are not going to actually update anything it is only FYI fields.


The original intent of the help text to provide the user guidance on what data to enter into the field but I can see the use case for giving them context on the view page as well.  The expectation is that after a couple of times of seeing the field and reading the help text the user then becomes familiar with what the field is and not longer needs the read the help text anymore.  A concern would be that showing this all the time on view pages too would clutter the view page with a lot of those question mark dots for fields the users now understand the meaning for so it would benefit the casual user but might annoy the regular user.  Would be curious to hear other customers thoughts on this topic.