Ability to map Activity ID to a Digital Asset (VSTS 189447)

Carolyn Mccarthy 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by anonymous 1 year ago 2

We would like to associate the digital asset with the activity ID upon promotion to the digital assets library. We refer to the jobs by activity ID, so it would be beneficial for our audits to be able to use the activity ID as an identifier for digital assets.

We need the ability to search the DAL with the activity id.  We use the activity id as the job code and it is the primary reference that teams use to identify jobs.  Many project managers have the IDs memorized from historical jobs!  Even though you have the originating activity, there is no way to search with the ID.  We would prefer the originating activity id over the originating activity title.


The application has a base field on a digital asset record in the legacy DAL that is called "Originating Activity" and this field is automatically populated with the activity during the promotion of an attachment to a digital asset.  Based on this field already existing we do not see a need to also add the Activity ID as a field in the promotion process.