Ability to Copy Programs (VSTS 183919)

Carolyn Mccarthy 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated 2 months ago 2

We would like the ability to copy Programs, similar to how we can copy Activities through an action button.

Hi Eric - we would just need to copy the program.  Each year, we create FY programs (50+) for the users.  These are our BAU programs and all we change is the dates YoY.  It would make the process a LOT easier.  I understand we could use program proposals and copy those, but then need to go through the extra steps of clicking in and approving them, so there is no time save there.  We are coming up on needing to do this for 2021 - any progress with this?


Are you asking to copy only the program or would you want all the activities associated to that program to also be copied as well?