Enable the ability to only display chats to discussions they've been tagged in (VSTS 162077)

Linda Fu 2 months ago in Productivity Management • updated by Joe Cerep 2 weeks ago 3 1 duplicate
We would like the ability for our environment to only display chats that the user is tagged in. Because our access list is set with everyone with view access to all activities, we are finding that users are seeing all chats in their chatboard. From a business perspective, we would need users to only see the chats that they are tagged in so that they understand which chats to respond to.

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Joe I merged your idea with this one as they are basically the same ask.  The option to allow users to see only the chats they have been tagged within.

So my question here is this just another filter or way to search or is this a user level setting or configuration option that would ONLY let a user see a chat if they were tagged on it?

Do we still also need the option of a "Public" chat that any user can see whether the are tagged or not.  Also, I assume System Admins would still be able to see all chats even if not tagged in them.

Thanks Eric,

We are really looking to allow users to communicate with the same flexibility they are able to through email today. To answer your first question, our ask is for an option to have comments only made available user(s) who have been tagged in a post and the user who posted the comment (rather than just an additional filter option). Any user who has access to the chat board but was not tagged in a post would not be able to see that specific post.

  • Our ask would be for both a public and private option that would be manually selected by the user making the comment each time a comment is added to the chat board. The user could choose public vs. private and if they select private, they would then be prompted to select the users they want to be tagged in the post and have access to it.
  • If this is not possible, I think having an option to enable private chat boards at the user level, through a system parameter or through a configuration option would still be a major improvement.

For both of these potential options, we would want any user who has access to that comment (including the user who posted it) to be able to tag/add a previously un-tagged user to that post (the same concept as forwarding an email). I agree that Admins would need access to all posts regardless of who is tagged.

To add some additional context - we are planning on using the Project Chat Board in the Task Inbox to allow users to pass comments back and forth in a single, easy to access location. Groups accessing our system include internal legal reviewers, marketing users & external creative agencies so while some comments can be applicable to all roles, there are times when comments are sensitive and need to be restricted to certain groups. Ideally, the chat board would allow for each comment to either be public (available to anyone on the Access List for the Activity/Project) or to be made available only to a user tagged in that specific comment.