Allow Activity Type Statuses to be Inactivated (not just delete) (VSTS 151603)

Carolyn Mccarthy 2 years ago in System Administration updated by Eric Teitsma 1 year ago 2
We currently have over 100 activity type statuses that are no longer needed. It has become unmanageable and cumbersome for reporting. Statuses will be consolidated into a single activity level EA. For historical purposes we need to retain the status data (via reporting) without the statuses being visible to the end user. Today that is impossible given that we only have the option to delete statuses.

Business Impact: Retain historical data and follow best practice standards of "inactivating" vs. "deleting".

Justification: It's best practice to inactivate objects vs. delete them; End Users would potentially be using out dated statuses where they are not supposed to; Old statuses may cause confusion. The only work around we have at the moment is including "zzz" at the beginning of each status.

Desired Feature: Allow the inactivation of Activity Type Statuses not just Delete

Additionally we would like to restrict the ability to delete an activity type status that is being used in status action and output ports (in reference to CS0009132)