Ability to Alphabetize teams/roles/Activity Type Statuses lists (VSTS 111665 & 121742)

Carolyn Mccarthy 2 years ago in System Administration updated by Anne Murphy 1 year ago 2

The ability to generally alphabetize lists but were told to break out the requests and enter only the most critical. We have the ability to manually alphabetize the teams/list and that saves, however there is not the ability to have the list alphabetize.

For example, when adding Activity Type Statuses within Activity Types, we learned that you had to enter them in the order of appearance. This is an area where the alphabetize feature would be helpful and save a lot of time.

In addition, we feel it would be helpful to have the “Role” and names with the “Users/Groups” in the Master Team Lists be alphabetizable as well to make it easier for us to double check the names included (see example creative development master team list with names not alphabetized). The roles and names within the users/ groups do display alphabetically for users on the Activity Roles tab, and we would like it to be the same representation of the site look for admins.